By:-RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA||07 - May - 2021

Donald Trump was defeated by Joe Biden. It was totally impossible after doing a great job for US. But I was done by Intelligent People of US. They ousted an Industrialist and made US President a mature personality who had more than 40 years’ experience in White House. There was great drama after election. Both Leaders were claiming victory. Donald Trump wanted not to count mailed votes but his counterpart was chanting slogan “Every Vote must be counted.” Finally as Court directed that every vote must be counted. Donald Trump was defeated very narrowly with vote margin. It was almost impossible for Joe Biden to defeat to Donald Trump. Although Donald Trump was not a politician, but he raised right issues for US. Donald Trump was defeated by his own Non-Politician’s Character. Covid 19 also played an important role to oust Donald Trump from Presidency. He never took seriously it. He mocked Covid 19, but Positive cases were surging badly. It was an adverse behave that cases increase, care taker of US mocked it.

There was a long debate how US Policies changed on key issues in National and International Arena. There were some works done by Donald Trump could not be changed, but a lot of changing would be in process. There are innumerable challenge for Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris to settle down from Non-Politician to Politician. It is impossible to overturn all decisions of Donald Trump, but a lot of changing are on card. It is murmuring in International Politics that Joe Biden is an American Communist. If it would be right, it is bad news for India. Kamala Harris also raised many times Human Rights issue in Jammu & Kashmir after abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A. World are looking a change after the defeat of Donald Trump. There are a huge list of new dawn how Newly Elected President of US would handle the World Order. It would be very challenging how to save US Dominance and maintain a status quo on other issues.

First challenge is for Joe Biden how to tackle Pandemic Covid 19. Donald Trump paid huge price after underestimating Covid 19. He openly mocked it many times at Public Event. Now US is most affecting Nation in the World. There is large amount testing being done. That is why, such cases are registering. US has 370 Millions Population in which more than 30 Millions are Covid 19 Positive. Testing is also going on. US will test all its population. In India, Indian Premier Narendra Modi also pressed on increasing Testing for Covid 19. US is hiring more than 100000 people for contact tracing of positive cases. He has desire to establish at least 10 testing centre in every state. US has launched many direct benefit schemes for US Citizens like cheaper loans, fund transfer, etc so that pandemic effect could have been minimized. Biden Administration increased expenditure on Minimum wage and invest in green energy. Joe Biden gave forgiveness to students for $10,000 loan and raised minimum wage to $15 per hour. Joe Biden inspired Americans to use and purchase American goods and services. He pledged a $400bn to use dollars to buy American goods and services. Although Joe Biden was criticised to back NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), but now he is pleased to invest $300bn in US-made materials, services, research and technology. Joe Biden Administration allotted $30bn investment fund for minorities by which they could overcome economic and social programmes. Before the election in US last year, racism existed too much and it was a political agenda in the election. Mr. Biden supported Paris Climate Accord. Donald Trump rejected it. Now US is ready to cut 28% greenhouse gases by 2025. He proposed $1.7tn investment in green technologies research.

Joe Biden is facing a great challenge in Middle East of Asia. Barak Obama always supported Arab Spring Movements in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. All these have changed their government for long. Husni Mubarak and Gaddafi were finished. Barak Obama diplomatically did it. He maintained a good relation with other Gulf nations. He cracked a deal with Iran for Nuclear Power. When Donald Trump came into power in last month of 2016, he did opposite. He had lack of diplomacy. He called MUSLIM and banned citizens of gulf nations to tour to US. Now once again, Joe Biden has pressure to change the situation in Gulf Nations. Joe Biden was Vice – President of US, When Obama was serving as President of US. Expectation would be very high from Joe Biden for Gulf Nations. To maintain peace and harmony, Biden Administration must de-legalise IRAN Deal with Barak Obama. Donald Trump was a non-diplomatic person who does not know power of Diplomacy. Conflict between Israel and Palestine is well known by everyone. Obama Administration never supported step of Israel from 2008 to 2016 and did not approve JERUSALEM as capital of Israel, but Donald Trump authorised it when government was changed in US. Obama Administration always used soft and kind diplomatic language for its friends and Enemies. But it made silly mistakes too. Language was good of Obama Administration, but working was not properly good. On the other hand, Language was veiled, but working was very good as per situation. Trump Administration did many notable work, but language was very erratic. Donald Trump also used such prohibited language many times. Obama Administration created problematic behaviour in Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, and Yemen. Barak Obama supported Sunni Rebels against the Iranian backed Assad in Syria, was friendly Shia led government in Iraq. Donald Trump generalized such issues. Biden Administration would be in challenging time how they would coordinate with these nations.

Joe Biden is trying hard to reduce US Army from War Struck Nations. He announced that by 11th September 2021, Afghanistan will be leaved by US Army. Now Tension will grow of India because Pakistani Spy Agency ISI will distract Taliban and attack on whom are working on Indian gifted projects to Afghanistan. There are mostly Indians who work on the behalf of Government of India. Border of India and Pakistan once again would be a hottest point. This US Government will favour a deal between Israel and Palestine so that US could have kept good relation among Gulf Nations. Joe Biden will never take side of Israel like Donald Trump. Joe Biden is democratic Leader in US, but he is personally a Communist. He is dangerous for India, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, and Australia. He will never take on China for long time in South China Sea. Joe Biden is ready to re-authorize deals which were done by Barak Obama with other Nations. As Joe Biden re-structures Atomic deal with Iran. This Atomic Deal was destroyed by Donald Trump saying it is only befitting to Iran. Donald denied Paris Treaty for Climate Change in which Carbon emission was reduced by 28% upto 2024. Joe Biden would not destroy Paris Treaty. Although this step will reduce the pressure on Developing Nations. Due to the aggressive policy of Donald Trump, People from various Nations are taking Citizenship of Canada. It means that this step will be nullify by Joe Biden. It is very challenging work. To live in US is dream of people which was made harder.

Covid 19 created great hurdle for world community. As it is seemed that US is international cop which will cooperate other nations especially developing and Under-Developed Nations. US is only saving itself from this pandemic. On the other hand. US blocked export of raw material of making Covid 19 Covishield Vaccine from Serum Institute of India (ASTRAZENECA, OXFORD UNIVERSITY). US has a soft behaviour to China for spreading Covid 19. When Donald Trump was President of US, he openly criticised China over Covid 19 spread. He blocked WHO (World Health Organization) to give money to WHO due to negligence of Covid 19. But Newly Elected Government did nothing against China why it hid from the World and did not ban its citizens to travel other nations when Covid 19 reached many European and American Nations. US did not ask a single question to WHO why it is unable to find out how it spread across the World.

This time is very crucial for World. Time has come collectively to fight back for Pandemic Covid 19. If US adopt such selfish behaviour, his Super Power image will dent heavily. China is ready to go down US at every sector. From Arab to Japan, From Russia to Israel, From Argentina to Brazil, From Cuba to Palestine, everywhere people and Nations needs to cooperate one another. Only Cooperation can save us from this miserable situation of Earth. Communist minded Joe Biden must think that he is representing Americans along with his companion nations. He must not represent Communist Ideology in US like Capitalist Nation. US is torch bearer of Capitalism in the World.

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